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Group Counselors:

Group counselors work with one age group for an entire session and are responsible for their group of 10 – 15 campers each day. Each group also has a co-counselor or a high school intern. Group counselors receive training to lead their group at many camp activity areas, although more specialized activities are led by specialty instructors (listed below) with the group counselor’s assistance.

Roving Counselors:

Roving counselors work with campers of all ages throughout the summer. They are not assigned to one particular age group, and get to know a wide range of campers. Roving counselors work side by side with group counselors to provide extra leadership in camp groups and fill in for any staff members who may need to miss a day. Roving counselors may fill in either in a group or at a specialist area. Roving counselors also assist with various tasks around camp such as setting up for special days, daily camp tasks, and other tasks determined by the camp Leadership Team.


Co-counselors are graduating high school seniors who are interested in a group counselor position. Co-counselors fill the same type of role as a group counselor does except that they are not the sole counselor for their camp group, and are paired with a second counselor. Graduating high school seniors may also fill certain specialist positions, depending on their qualifications.


Swimming Pool Instructors/Lifeguards:

Swimming Pool Instructors/Lifeguards are responsible for teaching swim skills during structured lesson time and for lifeguarding during free swim periods. Together, 4 – 6 lifeguards/swim instructors work as a swim staff team to ensure the safety of campers of all ages and abilities at the pool. The swim program at camp focuses on building confidence and comfort-level in the water through patient, compassionate instruction.

Position Prerequisites:

  • Please note: interested applicants who do not already hold the required certifications may be able to obtain certifications through camp before summer begins.
  • Current certification in: 
    1. American Red Cross or YMCA Lifeguard Training
    2. Adult & Child CPR
    3. First Aid
  • WSI certification is preferred.

Swimming Pool Lead Guard:

The Lead Guard is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of the camp swim program and pool including supervising a swim staff of four to six members as well as counselors who are on duty at the pool. The swim program at camp focuses on building confidence and comfort-level in the water through patient, compassionate instruction.

Position Prerequisites:

  • Current certification in all of the following: American Red Cross (ARC), YMCA or equivalent/Lifeguard Training, ARC or equivalent Standard First Aid, Adult & Child CPR. 
  • Previous experience supervising or managing an aquatics program is desired. 
  • Current or previous certification in one of the following is preferred: ARC WSI, BSA Aquatics Instructor, YMCA Instructor in Swimming and Lifesaving. 
  • Minimum 21 years of age is preferred. 

Pony Riding Specialist:

The Pony Riding Specialist is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of the camp pony riding program. He/She coordinates and instructs lessons in riding and horsemanship, and is responsible for the care and feeding of the ponies.

Position Prerequisites:

  • Previous riding and horse care experience is required.
  • Certification in Adult & Child CPR and First Aid is preferred.

Animal Care Specialists:

Animal Care Specialists work with the animals in our on-site farm, introducing children to basic animal care. Our farm is typically populated by 5-8 farm animals such as sheep, pigs, and goats. The Animal Care Specialist(s) must have a background in general animal care and the desire to create and teach an animal care curriculum.


Nature/Ecology Instructor:

The Nature/Ecology Instructor facilitates hands-on learning about the natural world through active lesson plans and nature crafts. Duties range from leading nature hikes, to assisting campers with a recycling/composting program, to leading craft-based lessons on topics such as the food chain or the water cycle. Previous teaching experience is helpful, and an aptitude for science and nature is preferred.

Gardening/Farming Instructor:

The Gardening/Farming Instructor facilitates the planning and cultivating of a camp vegetable garden and introduces children to the basics of composting, water conservation, and other sustainability measures. This position may be combined with that of the Nature/Ecology Instructor. Previous teaching experience is helpful, and knowledge and interest in gardening (at home, as a hobby, or professionally) is preferred.

Arts & Crafts Instructors:

The arts & crafts instructors implement a creative, hands-on arts & crafts program. They teach campers of all ages, and have the opportunity to bring their creativity and ideas to the program. A background in crafts is beneficial but not required.

Performing Arts Specialists:

The Performing Arts Specialists implement a creative program that incorporates a variety of musical, movement, and/or dramatic arts. They will plan and lead weekly units in the performing arts of their choice- examples include, but are not limited to, improv games, playacting, dance, tumbling, yoga, singing, music, circus skills, magic tricks, etc. The emphasis of the program each summer will depend on the background of the specialist(s). May be a paired position or a solo position at the camp directors’ discretion.

Ropes Course Specialist:

The Ropes Course Specialist instructs campers fourth grade and older at our on-site high ropes course. The aim of this program is to facilitate goal-setting and to encourage campers to overcome challenging obstacles. The Ropes Course Specialist must be trained or become trained in the skills necessary to run the course. Training is available through camp.

Rock Wall Specialist:

The rock climbing instructor teaches campers third grade and older the basics of rock climbing on our portable 25′ climbing wall. When not teaching, the rock climbing instructor joins our core group of roving counselors. The rock climbing instructor must have experience or become trained in the skills necessary to run the climbing wall. Training is available through camp.

First Aid Provider:

The Camp First Aid Provider manages the camp first aid office. They are responsible for the administration of all first-aid and health-related aspects of camp. This is not a nursing position; camp does not employ a camp nurse.

Position Prerequisites:

  • Current certification in American Red Cross or equivalent Standard First Aid, Adult & Child CPR.

Office Staff:

Our office staff positions are vital to the running of camp. Every summer we add summer office staff to our year-round administrative office. At Camp Kinneret we hire two summer-only staff who work 30 to 40 hours per week. All of the positions are Monday through Friday. Responsibilities include general office duties, phone communication with camp parents, data and word processing. Positions pay an hourly rate.

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