Specialist Positions

Swim Instructor & Lifeguard:

Lifeguards teach swimming skills in playful, game-centered lessons and lifeguard the pool during free swim, focusing on the safety of all individuals.

  • The swim program helps campers build confidence through fun, patient, and compassionate instruction.
  • Lifeguards work collaboratively to maintain a safe and fun swimming program.
  • Position certification prerequisites: (1) American Red Cross or YMCA Lifeguard Training. (2) Adult & Child CPR and (3) First Aid. (4) WSI certification preferred.

Animal Care:

Animal Care Specialists teach campers how to interact with and care for the animals at our on-site farm, including pigs, sheep, goats, and a miniature cow.

  • At the farm campers learn empathy and responsibility through working with our animals.
  •  Animal Care staff work together with the Pony staff to create and teach a fun and informative curriculum.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) A background in general animal care.

Pony Riding:

The Pony Riding Specialist is responsible for facilitating all aspects of the camp pony program including teaching safe riding and pony care.

  • Campers build confidence and overcome apprehensions through positive interactions with ponies.
  • The Pony Specialist works with the Animal Care staff to create and teach fun and informative curriculum.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) Previous riding and horse care experience. (2) Adult & Child CPR and First Aid preferred.

Nature & Ecology:

Nature/Ecology Specialists facilitate hands-on learning about the local environment through interactive lessons, hikes and craft-based learning. 

  • Campers develop a greater appreciation of nature through lessons on topics like: composting/recycling, the food chain and the water cycle.
  • Nature staff work together to effective teach curriculum and enhance campers’ knowledge of their environment.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) An interest in science and nature. (2) Teaching experience preferred. 


The Gardening Specialist facilitates the planning and cultivating of our camp vegetable garden, and introduces campers to food science and sustainability.

  • Campers learn planting, gardening care and gain appreciation for where food comes from.
  • The Gardening Specialist position is often paired with the Nature position, where one staff member fills both roles.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) A knowledge or interest in gardening (can be a hobby!).

Arts & Crafts:

Arts & Crafts Specialists implement a creative, hands-on art program introducing campers to traditional crafts and creative art projects.

  • Campers explore creativity, individuality and self expression through personalizing each project.
  • Arts & Crafts Specialists work together to plan lessons and foster campers’ artistic interests and skills.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) An interest in art.

Performing Arts:

The Performing Arts Specialists facilitate a creative dramatic arts program, incorporating a variety of music, movement and theater.

  • Campers explore creativity and expression through activities like improv, playacting, dance, yoga and storytelling.
  • The Performing Arts Specialists work with Group Counselors to meet the needs and confidence levels of each group.
  • *This position may be solo or paired, depending our summer needs.

High Ropes:

The High Ropes Specialist introduces 4th-9th grade campers to our high ropes course and teaches campers about safe climbing and goal setting.

  • Campers practice overcoming fears and accomplishing goals through experiencing incremental challenges on the course.
  • The High Ropes Specialist works alongside Group Counselors to encourage campers to take safe risks and practice challenging themselves.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) Training in the skills necessary to run the course. *Training is available through camp.

Rock Climbing:

The Rock Wall Specialist teaches 3rd-9th grade campers the basics of climbing on our 25′ portable rock wall, creating a fun and safe environment where campers challenge themselves.

  • Campers develop strength, physical skill, grit and resilience while setting increasingly challenging goals.
  • The Rock Wall Specialist works with Group Counselors to help campers overcome fears.
  • The Rock Wall Specialist also joins groups as a Roving Counselor for part of the summer.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) Training in the skills necessary to run the course. *Training is available through camp.

First Aid Provider:

The Camp First Aid Provider manages the camp first aid office. They are responsible for the administration of all first-aid and health-related aspects of camp.

  • Campers feel cared for and nurtured in our compassionate and friendly environment.
  • The Camp First Aid Provider works closely with the leadership team and our camp Director to provide medical care to our camp community.
  • *This is not a nursing position*
  • Position certification prerequisites:(1) American Red Cross or equivalent Adult & Child CPR and (2) First Aid.

Summer Office Staff:

Our summer office staff carry out general office duties like answering parent questions, making phone calls, organizing and printing materials and data and word processing.

  • The summer office staff extend our warm and friendly environment beyond camp as they engage with camp families and community vendors.
  • The summer office staff work closely with the leadership team and our camp co-director to ensure that each day at camp is running smoothly.
  • Position prerequisites: (1) General computer knowledge and skills. (2) Comfortable on the telephone

Counselor Positions

Group Counselor: 

Group Counselors work with one group of 10-15 campers for an entire session and lead their group at many activities throughout the day.

  • Group Counselors help campers develop life stills through coaching, role modeling and fostering a connected group founded in friendship and respect.
  • Group Counselors work collaboratively with either a Co-Counselor or high school intern to facilitate a positive, playful and impactful experience for campers.
  • Position Prerequisites: (1) College-aged or older.


Co-Counselors are graduating high school seniors who are paired with Group Counselors to lead their group of 10-15 campers at many camp activities.

  • Co-counselors fill the same position type as Group Counselors and help campers develop skills for life through intentional coaching and playful interaction.
  • Co-counselors work in partnership with the Group Counselor and create a joyful, growth-oriented experience for their campers.
  • Position Prerequisites: (1) A graduating high school senior.

Roving Counselor: 

Roving Counselors work with campers of all ages throughout the summer. Each day they are assigned a different position and can be in multiple roles in a day.

  • Roving counselors spread the joy of camp to many camp groups and specialty areas. They help campers through daily challenges and provide support and playfulness to groups.
  • Roving counselors may fill in as a Group Counselor or Specialist, assist with daily camp tasks or work side by side with a Group Counselor to provide extra leadership.
  • Position Prerequisites: (1) College-aged or older.

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