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Why Camp Kinneret?

We’re Committed To Camper Growth

  • We believe that camp is a valuable opportunity to coach campers on critical life skills.
  • Our small camp groups (10 – 15 campers per day) ensure that you can give each camper focused attention.
  • Our session structure allows you to get to know campers over an extended, consistent period of time.
  • Your work with campers will center around the 5 Kinneret Roots: Independence, Teamwork, Creativity, Friendship, and Community.

We’re Committed to Staff Development

  • You will complete 4 full days of staff orientation, receiving training in team-building, conflict resolution, group management, creative problem-solving, and much more.
  • Our weekly staff meetings provide on-the-job training and ongoing education.
  • You will receive one-on-one support from a camp leadership team member throughout the summer, who will guide you as you set goals, conquer challenges, and build your skills.

Build A 21st-Century Resume By Working At Camp

The Partnership for 21st-Century Learning has identified the 4 skills (or the 4 Cs) that today’s employers believe are most crucial to success in the workforce: Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Collaboration. Camp work requires you to use and hone each of these skills every single day, all while enjoying a job that gets you outside, gets you laughing and playing, and turns you into a role model for children.

But what about that internship that you want on your resume? It’s up to you to decide how your summer will be best spent, and we encourage you to seek out the experience that you will find most rewarding. If you’re feeling conflicted, you may want to check out this New York Times piece on The Camp Counselor Vs. The Intern.


  • Percentage of New Staff Reporting Overall Skill Increases 100% 100%
  • Percentage of All Staff Reporting Overall Skill Increases 92% 92%


Increase in Leadership Skills- New Staff


Increase in Interpersonal & Communication Skills- New Staff


Increase in Critical-Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills- New Staff


Increase in Self-Help & Coping Skills- New Staff

Raising the Bar

We are proud of our work with the American Camp Association’s “Raise The Bar” initiative, which focuses on the youth and young adult development outcomes associated with summer camp.

We ask our staff to complete a brief skills assessment at the beginning of staff orientation week, then again at the end of the week. Our 2015 findings are summarized to the left.

Remember, our staff experienced this much growth over a single week at camp– now imagine how much growth you and your campers will experience over a ten-week summer!

Camp Work Is Hard Work

Camp work is not for everyone. We believe that a summer at camp can be incredibly rewarding, largely because of the enormous amount of work that goes into each and every day. Don’t want to spend full days outdoors, surrounded by dust, critters, and the Southern California sun? Do you count the minutes until your babysitting shift is up so you can have some peace and quiet? Not sure you can commit to 5 days a week for 10 full weeks because of family plans or school scheduling? Looking for a relaxing, easygoing summer? Then our camp may not be the right fit for you.

You only get one summer each year–  weigh your options, know yourself, and choose wisely.

Read What Camp Kinneret Staff Have To Say

I absolutely love being on staff at Camp Kinneret. Working here allows you to grow individually, make new friends among staff, and most importantly positively impact the kids that come to camp. You have an opportunity to be a great role model and help kids grow all while playing and having a blast! Callan

Camp staff member, 4 summers

Working at camp taught me to be flexible. In a world where technology can be overwhelming, camp made relationship building, teamwork, and problem solving the focus. There was never a challenge too big for a camper or counselor because there was always support right around the corner. Beth

Camp staff member, 6 summers

Working on has staff has without a doubt made my summers memorable. I’ve made some of my best friends working here, and learned so much. Working here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. David

Camp staff member, 4 summers

When that first day of camp comes we are a united staff who are well prepared to take care of and mentor our campers. There is nothing better than helping a camper accomplish something challenging, and you never forget that moment or the look on that camper’s face. Annie

Camp staff member, 8 summers

At camp I have improved my leadership skills and improved my ability to take initiative. My time as a staff member has definitely impacted my life outside of camp. I feel that I can relate to other people on a deeper level because camp has shown me how important being genuine is. In addition, my love for camp and working with children inspired me to apply to be part of the mentorship program at my college.

Camp staff member, 2 summers

Working at Camp Kinneret has taught me an incredible amount of responsibility and patience, as well as how to be a great communicator. Working with such a devoted, friendly, and outgoing staff to make hundreds of cheerful campers happy is so rewarding. Watching campers grow as human beings and discover new talents and passions is amazing and I wouldn’t exchange that feeling for anything in the world. Ryan

Camp staff member, 2 summers

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